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The differences between dōp oil 0.5mm and 0.9mm wickless ceramic cartridges

Posted by Michael Berry on


Due to concentrates coming in many different viscosities we decided to cater our cartridges to these differences.

  • Our 0.5mm cartridge is made for 30%-40% concentrate tinctures and is compatible with propylene glycol based liquids
  • Our 0.9mm cartridge is made for 60%-75% concentrates. This cartridge is best used with CO2 oils or when adding small amount of terpenes or ethanol to raise the viscosity of the concentrate
  • 0.5mm and 0.9mm is the gauge of the circular holes allowing the concentrate into the wickless ceramic atomizer to be vaped. The larger the hole the more concentrate can be vaporized allowing more viscous concentrates to be vaped easily.
  • Both styles have stainless steel, screw on cap that securely seals in your concentrate instead of silicone plugs like o.pen and most other brands. These have a much higher probability to leak along with the giving you that gross burnt rope taste when the wick gets to hot. This is exactly why we spent soo long in      R & D to bring you these next generation products.
  • Try upgrading to the dōp discreet manual battery for even bigger pulls from you 0.9mm cartridge
  • Buy yours today for $14.99 by simply clicking on this link:

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